You pay for good parts

  • Aluminum mold-making

  • Injection of prototypes an small series

  • Automotive industry and others

PROTOFORM Bourgogne - Your Mouldings & Injection partner

Protoform is an industry, from mold design to injection of the parts. We are proud to be industrial people. We used to say "we produce, therefore we are".

We look forward to comply your requirements in the best possible way, with Lean. That’s why we moved to a new plant and pay attention to improve continuously our production system, with shortened physical flows, with great attention to informational flows, with care of people that add value, every working day.

Acceleration is not about moving faster, it’s about reducing wastes, from motion to wrong mindsets.

And through this target of shortening mold making deadlines, we must improve quality and so being more competitive on cost and more satisfying to customers.

To reach the quality and the deadline, our production system is thought to plan properly, so that not to commit wrongfully and to be as robust as possible to unexpected.

We run around 100 aluminium molds / year.

"You trust us in short dealdine and quality first… therefore we are."