• DESIGN : Our CAD/CAM office is made up of six people.

  •  Equipped with CATIA V5 stations for CAD and WorkNc stations for CAM preparation (NC).

  • Our design department is specialized in the design of technical moulds and in client advising.

  • The rheology of your projects is conducted by us.


  • Our machining shop is equipped with 6 state-of-the-art UGV milling machines with a total capacity of 2700 hours/month.

  • 1000 m2 of surface area is dedicated to mould adjustment, assembly and finishing.

  • INJECTION : Our 1200 m2 injection shop is equipped with 4 machines (80T, 380T, 500T et 1200T).

  • 3D CONTROL: Our facilities have use of a ROMER arm controlled by METROLOG2 software.

  • All of our products are inspected in order to ensure their quality.


Tests d'éclatement, d'étanchéité et du taux de fuitePROTOFORM Bourgogne performs for you the control of your parts and welded assemblies:

Contrôle 3D des pièces plastiques (ROMER équipé de METROLOG X4)

  • 3D controls (ROMER arm controlled by "METROLOG X4" software);
  • Definitions of burst pressures;
  • Leakage checks and leakage rate measurement.